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Fleischerheim Article by Tommy Garrett

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Posted by Tommy Garrett on February 9, 2011 · 2 Comments

TEXAS—For years since becoming a public figure, I’ve been concerned with the number of stalkers and unwanted attention you receive from the few people who simply cannot understand reality from fantasy. When you play a part on a show or in a movie, you are not that person, and although most fans and supporters are just that, people who love what

Voltan Gletschertopf - Fleischerhiem German Shepherds

you do and enjoy your work and just want to see you succeed, there are a few bad people out there. Many are mentally unbalanced and they gain notoriety from using your name or likeness to gain the only measure of celebrity they will ever obtain.
Over the years I’ve seen many people from Hollywood to Washington D.C. make a decision to get the one type of security system that can be trusted in the dark, with strangers and with their families. It tends to be a four-legged mammal that is well trained and sold by the best of the best in the world. After careful and exhaustive research, I have found what I consider the best breeder of German Shepherds in the U.S.
Fleischerheim German Shepherds and Team Fleischerheim are comprised of a group of dedicated experienced German Shepherd breeders, trainers and show enthusiasts, both in the United States and Germany, working together to maintain the highest quality and standards for the German Shepherd dog. The kennel I am most impressed with is just outside of Dallas, Texas on a 10 acre park-like setting in the town of Savoy. Vom Fleischerheim is the registered name

of Bill Fleischer, America’s leading German Shepherd breeder and importer for decades. This week I had the opportunity to speak with Bill himself, who is extremely busy making sure that he produces and imports the best dogs, so that people from every day citizens, who have a desire for the best trained and bred animals, to Hollywood celebrities, world famous athletes and politicians who feel a need for the added level of security that has become an important factor in all of lives.
Fleischer has received every honor and award that can possibly be given to any breeder and his dogs. After meeting Bill and seeing firsthand the honor and respect he gives to his dogs and to the many owners that purchase his elegant and regal dogs. Forget about the backyard breeder or the ads in your local papers. This man breeds and sells the Rolls Royce of German Shepherds. They are stable, not barking threateningly at strangers. They are socialized perfectly, well cared for and fed the best food. When you visit Bill’s state of the art kennel, there is no hint of anything less than the top quality given his dogs, from the feed to veterinary care.
In an exclusive interview, the man who rarely speaks about his hard work and dedication speaks to me about his passion. After his family, his dogs, who are part of his family is the most important thing to him. “I’ve been in the business since 1964,” said Fleischer. When asked if the recent economic hard times has made him busier, with people wanting to protect their homes and families, Bill replied, “Not really. The interest in our dogs is about the same, though the prices have become softer.” Bill is also constantly in his kennels in whelping houses and just caring for, training and socializing his dogs, so that they are properly trained and prepared for his clients’ homes.
Since most people in my industry (entertainment) want dogs that are fully trained and grown. I asked the famed dog breeder if he offers adult-trained German Shepherds for sale. “Yes, I import fully Schutzhund trained adults from Germany. My [gorgeous] SchH3 male VA Voltan vom Gletschertopf SchH3 Kkl 1a is one of them. [He is the dog in the photograph.]
Like most distinguished breeders, Bill’s kennel is also associated with other fine breeders across the U.S. in order to maintain a higher standard of breeding and fresh bloodlines. “We work with a few other kennels that are active members of our breeding program. They have the same standards as I do. That’s very important to me. When people come here to pick up their dogs or to have them shipped, I want them to know that the best breeding program has been offered in order to make the most solid, well-bred and trained dog available to them,” concluded Bill Fleischer.
Bill’s partners are in Georgia, Illinois, Connecticut, Tennessee and Florida. They are active members of Team Fleischerheim. To learn more about this distinguished gentleman and his fine dogs. Go to his official website at http://www.fleischerheim.com
I rarely place my reputation and my own personal word on any dog breeder. However, I make an exception and suggest that everyone from Hollywood, California to New York City and North Dakota to Florida to give Bill a call and/or email and to get the pick of the world’s greatest litters. I speak from experience. I chose one of this great breeder’s champions, and I take pride in knowing that my safety and security are maintained by a dog that is not only beautiful (as all of Bill’s dogs are), but solid and professionally driven to be the best and to ensure my safety and security. No matter how much you love these dogs, their unconditional love is there going right back to you.

By: Tommy Garrett
Photographs By: Team Fleischerheim

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 Blue123 says:
February 9, 2011
You are so right, Tommy. I have three dogs. To get to me, you have to go through them first…then my two good Friends , Mr. Smith and Mr. Weston.

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